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~Information Handbook~
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Thursday, May 17, 2012

our babies have arrived!

we have been waiting so patiently, the children have been checking of boxes each day until there were not any left. and then suddenly there were 5 healthy fluffy yellow chicks. we are all quite in love. 5 new morning glories! this week we will set about the task of naming them. our current flock includes: lazy daisy clover watermelon watermelons hot dog speckling buttercup last one and simone can you tell which ones the children named last year? i'd have to say that raising chicks WITH a mama hen is such a different experience. so much more gentle and natural. we loved having chicks last year and are grateful we did, and we wouldn't hesitate to order from a good hatchery again or pick them up at a local farm but this way is so gentle. and i am so thankful for it. our mama hen is a dear and a complete trooper. she didn't eat or drink the whole time she was broody and then on day 2 of baby chicks running around as i was trying to teach them how to eat (very unsuccessfully) she popped out of the nest box and gobbled down 3/4th of the food and water with all the babies following her lead. oh mama hen! oh motherhood!

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