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~Information Handbook~
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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Our Healing Basket, some notes on putting together one for your family or classroom

This is a must for a kindergarten and truly loved not only in our play school but also in our own home.
Here are a few of our favorite things:

 Included but not pictured are an ice pack (we use a red velour one) and a red washcloth. 
See a theme here?
Red is perfect for bumps and scrapes, bloody noses and even more serious injuries. 
You can cover them easily and the red won't show the blood.
This may sounds a little gruesome, but it has a calming affect on children and caregivers.
 As caregivers you certainly want to see where the blood is coming from and how much but this lets you do that without scaring the hurt child and the onlooking class children.

Splinters! The hedgie scrub brushes are perfect for cleaning where a splinter has been.
GENTLY brush, the hedgie will make the kids happy, and distracted a bit too.
We use calendula cream on everything! and also antibiotic cream on most scrapes and splinters. I love Weleda  and Boiron for almost everything, except antibiotic cream, it expires so quickly so I always just grab the supermarket brand to have on hand.

Eye wash! Must have! Also we keep California Babies "Hair Detangler" for knots but it also has a VERY calming scent. Hairbrush is in there too. Many times after a bump or scrape combing a child's hair can help center them and prepare them to go back with the class.
And best of all? Healing Gnome, he hides in there and pops up as needed! (also red, just in case)

Bruises and Cuts: Arnica in various forms, Bandaids in all sizes

Lavender essential Oil for foot baths on cold days, Ear Drops for earaches, and Echinacea.
All Winter musts for us.

Our all time favorite & most used thing in our Healing Basket, ALWAYS!
We love this little cup and the children do too. It's the perfect size for a little sip of "Remedy" as we call us.
I cannot stress enough how useful this is in our program and in our home life!!!
Just a quick list of uses THIS WEEK:
Trouble entering the classroom (fears)
Head bonks
A hurt Toe
A really bad fight between two children
The list goes on, and in our family little one asks for this often. It may seem silly but it's like a hug from flowers! REALLY! And it so soothes. 

All in a sweet little basket, sewn up by my co-teacher Miss Toki!