~Information Handbook~

~Information Handbook~
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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Little one comes to playschool

The children love to have the baby at school. Many days he is in a sling or on Miss Jes' back. But this week the children asked if he could join circle. They made a cozy spot of sheepskins for him and it was truly magical!

Learning through imitation

Ironing day is dear to our heart around here. We recently dyed new silks to replace some much loved ones and as I sat ironing the children got out the wooden ironing board and began to iron the rainbow silks. This activity eventually turned into a puppet show. So very sweet.

St. Valentine

Saturday, February 9, 2013

our year in review


Porridge Day 

Winter Spiral


Gnome & candle just his size!

Forts & Fairies

More fort building

Birthday girl

Beeswax acorns

Sewing our birds

Monday, February 4, 2013

Now Accepting Applications for Fall 2013

{About our Playschool}

Our Mission~
To provide a caring environment for nourishing childrens' senses
through imaginative work and play, seasonal celebrations and crafts.
We aspire to have seasonal and daily rhythms create a sense of
belonging, of peace, and predictability for the children, while
learning in nature. Children learn to care for themselves and their
environment through daily activities and a group dynamic that
resembles how a family works together. Our small program allows us to
know and care for each child, and help them become part of a greater
family-like group.

Our space~
Our space is beautifully painted in soft colors and lit with natural
and lamp light. We cook together in a bright kitchen where we eat our
meals. Outdoors there is a Cedarworks play structure with swings and a
gazebo, and picnic benches for snacking and working outside. We have a
nice yard to run and play in, and a sandbox we built ourselves!

Festivals & Celebrations~
We celebrate seasonal festivals and make crafts that we use in our
celebrations. We invite parents to join in festival celebrations such
as the Lantern Walk and May Day, and invite the greater community to
our Winter Spiral.  We celebrate each child's birthday (or half
birthday if they are a summer baby) and invite parents and siblings to
join us in those festivities.

We make crafts according to the season and daily activities as well.
For example, we have planted wheatgrass, felted eggs, made beeswax
candles and have done some hand sewing, turning our embroidery into
pine scented sachets.  We are artists and avid crafters and it is a
delight to weave these projects into our natural daily rhythm.  Each
child has their own craft basket labeled with their symbol, and has an
ongoing project that they can work on throughout the year.

Natural Toys~
Our toys are made from all-natural products such as wood, wool,
cotton, and silk.  Many of our toys are made in Maine by local